You’re weeping sawdust.

We were on our way to finally pick up the title to the Pilot yesterday morning when I looked over at Dominik, who was driving, and saw a small piece of something on his cheek below his right eye.  I wiped it off, and when he asked what it was, I said that I thought it was just some sleep.  He blinked, and while I was watching, another piece of something came out of the corner of his eye.

Honey, are you okay?

Yeah, I think it’s sawdust. *blinking*



You’re weeping sawdust.

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So goes the building of the crate.  Yesterday was Day Number 7, if you count from when we bought the materials (the planning began before that).  We finally got confirmation of Fay’s flight booking yesterday too, which is a big relief.  To do that, we had to talk to Drunk Jerry again after a week-long hiatus.  He was waiting on the crate weight and dimensions to get the shipping estimate — I googled the weight of the plywood, the ten 2x4s, and the screws and came up with 375 pounds, not including Fay (who weighs 145 pounds).  In case you’re wondering, it’s 5’9″ long, 4.5′ tall, and 3.5′ wide.  Judging from the number of times that I had to go to Home Depot to buy another box, there are more than 350 screws in there, so I’m pretty sure that it’s not going to fall apart when they pick it up with a forklift.  German over-engineering.

I let Dominik do the honors of crossing “Build Crate” off the to-do list.  I got to cross off “Sell Pilot.”  Baby steps!  There are still a disconcerting number of tasks left though.  Something that I noticed a long time ago is Dominik’s love of countdowns — “Only 2418 days to retirement!”  I am the exact opposite.  My way is to put my head down and keep moving along, until one day I look up and I’m surprised that I’m retired.  Counting the days makes the wait for whatever it is to seem interminable.  And anyway, you never know what’s going to happen in life — I ended up retiring about 2400 days early.  So I’ve told him in the past that I really don’t want to hear the countdown, it gives me anxiety, but he can’t help himself with this move.  Every day, he manages to slip into conversation the count until take off, and to make it worse, he always discounts the day that we’re in, so it makes me feel like I lost a day.

Not that I don’t lose days anyway.  Yesterday, it took the credit union an hour to find the title that I had been discussing with them on an almost daily basis, and then I didn’t foresee that Virginia would have these one-use titles that mean you have to re-title the vehicle at the DMV every time the vehicle changes hands.  On the bright side, that only took four hours.  But fun things are happening too.  I finalized the logo for the restaurant and bought T shirts.  Lauren and Jared arrive tonight and Taylor tomorrow morning, so all of my kids will be here for a visit this weekend.  We’ll be able to send the last things home with Lauren and with Taylor when they go home (Taylor’s partner, Matt, gets the power tools now that the crate is finished), and we’ll take the last load to charity this weekend too.  Only 11 days to go!



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